Freezer Day

So I went to Randall’s like I said to get the potatoes.  They were actually $3.99 for 10 lbs, but heck that is still a GREAT deal.  While I was there I checked the meat cases because I have been on the hunt for some cheap ground beef.  And to my suprise they had ground beef on special for $1.79/lb….SCORE.  Well at least in my area (Clear Lake, TX) that is a stock up price.  So needless to say my saturday turned into a longer freezer day than I had anticipated, but cant complain about good deals.  This is what I ended up with.

4 – 1lb bags of plain browned beef

3 – 1lb bags of taco seasoned browned beef

4 seasoned hamburger patties

3 bags of “loaded” mashed potatoes

2 bags of ranch potato wedges

2 sausage and potato foil packets

5 spinach & cheese twice baked potatoes

5 sausage & queso twice baked potatoes ( i had some leftover velvetta from a dip I made last week, so I mixed a little of the sausage from the foil packets, velvetta, and drained rotel)

I will post the recipes for the above


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