Are mail in rebates worth it…….YES!

My local CVS had some great deals this week and the best ones involve mail in rebates.  I combine store sales, Extra Care Bucks, and coupons to get stuff for FREE.  At CVS if you bought $12.00 worth of Colgate-Pamolive items they gave you $6 ECB and in my local sunday paper there was a Colgate-Pamolive MIR of $5.00 if you spent $10.00.

Transaction #1:   2 Irish Spring Bodywashes @ $3.00 each  &  2 Softsoap Pumps @$3.00 each

Total of $12.00, used 2- $1.00/1 Irish Spring M.C. and 2-40 cents/1 Soaftsoap Pump M.C.

Brought total down to $9.20 and recieved $6.00 ECB

This purchased qualified me for spend $10.00 on Colgate-Pamolive recieve $5.00 after Mail in rebate

So when mail in rebate arrives I WILL ACTUALLY BE PAID $1.80 for $12.00 worth of product

CVS allowed 2 of these ECB specials per household so I did bought more….

Transaction #2:   2 Softsoap Bodywashes @ $3.00 each,  2 Colgate Sensitvie Toothpastes @ $2.74 each, and 2 Lady Speed Sticks @$1.99 each

Total of $15.46, used 2-$1.00/1 Softsoap Bodywash M.C., 2-75 cents/1 Colgate Toothpaste M.C. and 1 Buy One Get One Free Lady Speed Stick

Brought total down to $9.97 and recieved $6.00 ECB   (I used the $6.00 ECB from the prevoius purchase s0 I actually only paid $3.97)

When mail in rebate arrives I WILL BE PAID $1.03 for $15.46 worth of product!

CVS also had the deal that if you bought 2 participating Pfizer products you would recieve a $4.00 ECB, I also had a Pfizer mail in rebate special from the paper that if you bought 3 pfizer products they would send you a $10.00 rebate.

So I bought 3-50 count Advil caplets at $4.49 each

Total of $13.47, used 3-$1.00/1 Advil Product M.C.  this brought total to $10.47 and I recieved $4.00 ECB (used $6.00 ECB from 2nd transaction above so I only paid $4.47)

When this Mail in Rebate check arrives I WILL BE PAID $3.53 for $13.47 worth of product.

So after these transactions I will be paid $6.36 for $40.93 worth of product and I still have a $4.00 ECB.

They also had a good deal on the razors my husband uses so I picked those up as well.

The moral of this long post is that sometimes a mail in rebate is worth the time.  Which, it actually only took me about 10 minutes to get everything together.  I was able to save a ton of money and got things that my family will use.  My husband actually loves Irish Spring bodywash but I never buy it because its not the cheapest.  Hope this helps motivate someone to save some money!!!


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